Training Video Production – Management


A management training video made for the British Dental Association, giving dentists the skills and confidence to manage their dental practices more effectively and ambitiously. Shot at the Henley Business School in Oxfordshire, a department of the University of Reading.

Sixty Second Recruitment Video – Foster Carer – Michelle

A sixty second promotional video – part of a recruitment campaign for foster carers. This short video captures the experience of foster caring, through the voice of Michelle, a successful and enthusiastic foster carer.

60 Second Promotional Video – Foster Care – Michael


This sixty second promotional video sums up the personal satisfaction and challenges of fostering, through the testimony of an experienced foster parent.

Internal Communications – Staff Induction Video


This friendly and informative video forms part of a staff induction programme provided for new staff joining Core Assets – a major foster care and children’s services agency, operating across the UK and Internationally.

Ellenborough Park – A Day at the Races

A portrait of life at the Ellenborough Park during the Gold Cup week at Cheltenham.

Video shot at the Ellenborough Park spa hotel, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK.

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